TANGO TACTICAL 2B SRL guarantees at every customer the faster delivery possible. Our shipments are insured and trackable. For international shipping we guarantee security by collaborating with industry leaders: DPD

Your Order will be dispatched by express courier and generally the delivery times is around 72H for international orders and 24H for National orders.

If the package will arrive with significative damages due to the shipping, customer MUST SIGN WITH RESERVE OF CHECK or will lose every possibilities of refund or substitution.

The modalities and timing for the refund and / or replacement will be determined from time to time, in agreement with the courier.
We are charged to the customer shipping costs of a possible return of the goods in our warehouses and a possible second expedition to replace the damaged goods. You can not in any way claim a refund and / or advance replacement before our technicians have viewed the goods. If the goods, to our control, should prove suffering from damage during transport, the customer will be asked if want it to be sent back (with expenses of its shipment and in the way described above and at the expense of the customer TOTAL) or redeemed upon payment a penalty for time management / control incurred, equal to 30% of the value of the goods (shipping costs, including VAT). The removal of the seals placed by Tango Tactical and / or tampering of goods not authorized automatically forfeits all right to refund and / or replacement. The costs include the costs of packaging.

We inform our clients that:

Courier doesn't delivery to the door.
Delivery to the door is subject to the discretion of the boy, who can not leave unattended the van used to carry out your service. Also the Courier does not deliver by appointment at specific times. We will do everything possible so that your request can be fulfilled a particular.