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General view: FMA small simple charging connection, there are two difference kinds of voltage in 7.4V and 11.1V. Pls pay attention to identification on the surface before usingCharging:Pls be prepare batter of “T” plug (7.4V or 11.1V)ATTENTION!!! CHOOSE THE RIGHT VOLTAGE, NOT USE OTHER BATTERIES WITH DIFFERENT VOLTAGE

There are many reasons for using Li-Po batteries in Airsoft. The biggest reasons to use a Li-Po is its smaller size and better power efficiency. Unlike traditional batteries, Li-Po gives a stable Rate of Fire, through-out its use.

Indicatore di tensione per lipo 7.4 e 11.1Emette un buzz quando anche solo una cella scende al di sotto della tensione minima

Voltage indicator for lipo 7.4 and 11.1 Emits a buzz when even only a cell falls below the minimum voltage Monitor on each cell essential accessory for anyone who uses lipo, especially with low amperage> Light green = ON Red light = Caution, voltages below 9.5V (for 11.1v) / 3.2V (for 7.4V) BUZZER = Warning, the voltage of 9.15v-9.17v sottodei (for...

EU plug adapter - UK Turn a UK plug sockets and makes it usable on EU Multistandard, also works with USA sockets

Swiss Arms Balance BoardIt installs on professional chargers, in order to provide the doors to load different types of Li-Po


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