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Valve disassembly kit by Swiss Arms

Simply wraps round your key on your key-ring giving you 8 essential tools including bottle opener, nail file, thread cutter, 3 screwdrivers (including one for eyeglasses), and even sprung tweezers. Always useful - never in the way!

Now that’s something to write home about! Engineered in Stainless steel and measuring only 50mm yet extends telescopically to 115mm. With just one quick pull, it instantly extends and is ready to use.

This stylish ultra bright water resistant flashlight and stash measures only 75mm and attaches to your key-ring. Not only does it light your way, but hides spare cash, matches, fishing hooks or simply headache pills.

The TurboJet® Flame Lighter uses the latest FireWire® windproof technology. It makes the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts and all those outdoor smokers - that demand reliability, optimum style, no smelly petrol fumes, just pure unadulterated fire power.

This unbelievably small waterproof key-ring canister houses a fully working lighter that is ready to ignite at your command. Attach to your key-ring for essential outdoor use. Refill with standard lighter fuel.

these three pocket microscopes are extremely compact and yet very powerful.  especially versatile, since they can be either hand-held or connected to a smartphone. Besides the led illumination, they also include a small uv light as an additional feature.

A powerful LED torch and red laser beam in a perfect to carry key-ring size. Comes with 3 batteries, pen clip, and key-ring spinner.

Contains man sized super strong and sharp nail clippers for the hardest nails. Clippers spring out from the ergonomically shaped Stainless steel body. It also houses a sharp blade, nail file, and flat edged screwdriver and a pair of self sprung sharp scissors.

Don’t let the micro size fool  you…the Micro REDLINE® OC™packs enough power to carry the REDLINE® name. This light is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but bright enough for any situation. Equipped with OC™ Technology, the Micro has a perfectly dispersed beam of light while in flood mode. The Micro REDLINE® OC™…small never shined so big!

Simply pushes into the pound/euro slot in most supermarket trolleys and pulls out again to free the trolley without having to use a coin! With added bottle opener and screwdriver, this trusty stainless steel key-ring accessory will bring a smile to your face every time you use it.

A set of the most common hex and screwdrivers needed for airsoft gun maintenance and repairs. Heavy grade steel bits interchangeably mounted into a comfortable aluminum handle. Perfect for the established Gun tech or the recently inspired tinkerer. Great accessory tool kit set by G&P.

Transforms any standard round-ended key into a torch. Arming you with a super bright light that shines exactly where, and when you need it! So easy to use, simply attach to your key in 3 easy steps. The perfect gift for all your loved ones.

functional with practical tools: knife, saw,hooks, screwdriver, bottle opener, corkscrew,stick thorn, fixing eyelet for pocket chain,nylon sheath, length: 18,5 cm, blade: 8 cm

This adjustable spanner is a clever patent pending keyring gadget. It includes an adjustable spanner, Phillips and flat edge screwdriver, and accurate calipers. The holder which attaches to your key-ring contains 2 hidden screwdriver bits that can be released then placed in the side of the HandSpan to create an ‘easy to grip’ screwdriver.

This super stylish ultra bright aircraft grade anodised aluminium, water resistant flashlight is as small as we could possibly make it, yet boasts a whopping 0.5 watt output from just 4 x button cell batteries (included).

This angle headed torch produces over 60 lumens from only 1 X AA battery. The Angle Torch boasts a powerful LED beam projecting a pure white light, lightly refined reflector and intelligent energy source management.

Emergency cash capsule for your key-ring. Cash clip secures one note of any currency on your key-ring.As small as your key and waterproof. Makes a perfect gift, especially if you put cash in it! As small as your key. Cash Clip included. L46mm x W13mm

This little gem won’t just look great on your key chain but is very useful too. It cleverly contains 4 screwdriver heads – both small and large Phillips and flat screwdrivers.

This portable, rechargeable flashlight serves as a backup power source for mobile phones and other rechargeable USB electronic devices. Ideal for travel, the PaL conveniently fits in your pocket, purse or briefcase.

Tactical Defender Pen with Glassbreaker made from Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum SPECS: Aircraft grade aluminum Sturdy Pocket Clip Compatible with Standard and Fisher Space Pen Refills Glassbreak on the tip Weight: 1.5 ounces Color: Gun Metal 

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