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New WarTech Pallini BIO PARABELLUM hi gradeHigh sphericity, only permissible error of ± 0.01mmPolished through 3 phases mechanized, ensuring an almost total absence of imperfectionsMade of high quality PLAGood for precision barrels, tested with instruments up to 6.01mmTested by TÜV in GermanyPack of 800gr

WarTech BIO bbs "PARABELLUM" hi grade 0.20gr High sphericity, only tolerated error of ± 0.01mm Polished through 3 phases mechanized, ensuring an almost complete absence of imperfections Made from PLA (polylactic acid polymer) High quality 98%, derived exclusively from renewable sources Great rods for precision instruments tested with up to 6.03mm Pack of...

Bioval BIO 0.20gr White bbs 1kg Pack

Kalashnikov Pallini High Precision 0.20gr BIO Diameter 5.95 ± 0.01 1kg Package


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