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Hypoallergenic foamSmooth surface helps protect against unwanted dirtTapered shapeNoise Reduction Rating 33 DecibelsEach Pair Individually WrappedComes with built in lanyard to prevent loss.

Washable triple-flange design for snug, comfortable fitCord helps reduce the chance of loss when not in useMeet CE/RoSH/ANSI 3.17-1976/AS-NZS Standards

allow to attach MSA SORDIN Headset to Fast Helmets

Auricolare per Mototrola TalkAbout

Auricolare Midland MA21-LKSpinotto ad LVersione attacco Kenwood

headset for radio with single 2.5mm jack Compatible with Alan, Intek, Brondi, Motorola, Midland

Auricolare spiralato per midland G7/8/9 e attacchi ICOM 2 PIN

Midland - MA35L Headset with PTT switch and Vox / PTT. Compatible with all transceivers Alan and Midland dual connector.

Midland presenta la "Action Line", una nuova linea di prodotti studiata in collaborazione con Mike Boom. La Action Line è pensata appositamente per i giocatori di Softair, mantenendo gli elevati standard qualitativi Midland.

Cuffia Bowman Style nuovo modelloCon standard plug militaryNon compreso di PttCuffia ambidestra, anche per mancini Compatibile coi nuovi Ptt Emerson ad alte prestazioni

Ear Protectors for use in the shooting range or in noisy environmentsMade with quality materialsCompliant with the European standard EN352-1: 2002adjustable

Midland Action Line Nape Earphone AB29 with bow microphone

This ear protection was developed especially for the professional combat.He offers not only soundproofing for your ears but also enables at the same time a normal communication.Protection within milliseconds when sounds above 85dB occur.Extensively tested and experienced.- 4 AAA batteries (not included)- adjustable for every size of head- upholstered ear...

Emerson presenta il nuovissimo set radio innestabile direttamente su elmetto Fast. Il kit è compatibile con tutte le radio con attacco ICOM (comprese Midland) Comprende due auricolari ed un microfono orientabile è dotato di PTT con aggancio per dito.

Cuffia bowman style nuovo modelloCon standard plug militaryNon compreso di ptt

Cuffia bowman style nuovo modelloCon standard plug militaryNon compreso di ptt

Auricolare pneumatico per midland G7/8/9 e attacchi ICOM 2 PIN

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